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Locked Bag 31, Halls Creek, WA 6770
Yiyili Aboriginal Community School

School Information

Yiyili Aboriginal Community School is one of 13 Aboriginal independent community schools in Western Australia.  It is governed by a board of representatives from the surrounding communities and undertakes a process of re-registration every few years in order to satisfy state and federal requirements.  The school currently has five multi-age classrooms; a Kindergarten/Pre-Primary class, Junior Primary (Years 1 & 2), Middle Primary (Years 3 & 4), Upper Primary (years 5 &6) and a High School class (Years 7 and above).

The school's principal, appointed by the school board, is responsible for the academic administration of the school and for the daily operations of the school and all educational matters. The principal keeps and monitors student records, any illnesses or incidents, and any serious issues. It would be anticipated that any student academic issues would normally be settled by discussion between the carers, the classroom teacher and if necessary the Chairperson or nominee of the school board.

The teachers have responsibilities for a subject or subjects at their school, and will keep academic records of their students’ work. These records will be available to the principal as well as carers and can be used to formulate academic reports for each student at the end of the each semester. Teachers’ duties will also include supervision of groups of students from time to time; including: excursions, or other tasks as designated by the principal.

The principal will monitor all material students are exposed to in class, including textbooks, other learning resources and subject content. The teachers will be required to present their curricula in a format acceptable to the principal prior to presentation and use in the classroom.